How to get our service

1. Reservation

Fill in all information to get instant pricing. Sign Up/Login to proceed for booking.

2. Confirmation

Once customer receive confirmation email upon booking, drivers details will be sent within 24 hours.

3. Take your trip

Our driver will be driving you to places and will return you back home safely.



How can I make a booking?

A: You may make direct booking through our website/ contact us/ walk in to our office to make booking.

How do I make payment for booking?

A: Once you have made the booking on our website, you will be able to pay with credit card or online banking through our website. You will be charged upon completion of booking. For extra hour charges, customers can pay directly to our drivers.

What if I want to book for one week with different timing?

A: You may do multiple bookings for the whole week through our website or you may contact us and we will take in your booking manually.

What kind of vehicle we can appoint your driver?

A: Our service range is for all kinds of common automotive with vehicle age <15years. You may contact us for verification if your vehicle is not common in Malaysia.

How do I confirm my booking?

A: Upon booking confirmation on our website, a booking confirmation email will be sent to you and the drivers information will be sent within 24 hours.

Can I cancel the booking?

A: Cancellation is allowed after confirmation but you can contact us for rescheduling.

Can I book a driver to pick up my family, friends, customer or supplier?

A: Yes, as long the vehicle is authorised to be driven by our drivers and all information including vehicle details, passengers’ contact details and pick up location must be clearly stated.

Can I book a driver to pick up or deliver goods or service my cars?

A: Yes, you are welcome to use our service as long as your activities and goods are legal in Malaysia. We will not take any responsibility for any missing goods. Items inside the car is not responsible of our driver. Driver has the right to stop providing service if driver found illegal items in the car. We will directly hand over the car to Police Station.

When can pre-booking be done?

A: We advise customers to book as early as you can (best before 3 working days), so we can have check on  the availability on drivers to match with your requirement. We only take bookings 24 hours before the service through online and you may contact our office for emergency booking.

Can I book a driver to pick me up on destination A and drop me at destination B

A: Yes, you may book our service to pick you up at destination A and drop you at destination B in condition the distance between A & B must be less than 50km and there will be a surcharge of RM60.

Can I book a driver to pick me up to outstation?

A : Yes, you may book our service to travel to outstation but you must return to your original place or place less than 50km from the original place on the same day or you will be charged for a full day package which is RM 300 (original place + 8hours) and RM60(different location) for every overnight. Lodging excluded.

Is petrol, tolls, parking including in the charges?

A: No, we provide drivers to drive your vehicles, other costs are not included in our service.

What is the different between hourly booking, full day booking and extra long day booking

A: Hourly booking will be charged RM60 for every single hour with minimum 3hours and subsequent hour RM 60. Maximum up to 12hours (RM720) ; Full day booking is RM300 for 8 hours and Extra long day booking is RM500 for 12hours. Driver has the right to stop providing service after 12hours.

Can I end the service earlier than booking timing and save the balance hour?

A: Customer can always end the service timing but balance hours will not be refunded and transfered to another trip.

Do you provide night time driver service?

A: Yes, our service is open for 24hours. RM60/hour midnight charges will be charged additionally from 12am to 6am.

Can I extend my booking period during service period?

A: Yes. You may extend your booking during service with every RM60/hour with maximum (12 hours ) . Driver has the right to stop providing service after 12hours.

What if the timing exceeds my booking timing?

A: In this situation, we allow for 15 minutes no charge extra service, after 15 minutes you will be charged by every half hour (RM30/half hour).

What about the coverage area for booking?

A: For now, VDrive will be serving in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor regions only. Might extend our service to other cities & states in future.


What if the driver shows up later then the booking time

A: We practice our drivers to arrive 30minutes before the booking timing. Clients are allowed to contact us if driver does not show up on time. 30minutes timing is allowed to be given to driver for every circumstances. Cancellation with full refund is allowed if driver does not show up or if driver is late more than 30minutes. Booking timing will be calculated based on booking time or arrival time of driver.

How can I get details of driver after confirmation of booking?

A: We will send you the details of driver through communication application

What if driver information different from the person who showing up

A: Please contact us to clarify or double confirm if there is any special case or special arrangement on changing driver to prevent any defraud

Can I request for same driver

A: Yes you may enter driver code in our reservation form so we will give priority to arrange your preferred driver to service you. We advise our clients to book earlier as drivers might assign for others duty

Can I direct contact driver for dealing

A: In our policy, all personal dealing between drivers & customers will not covered by our company. We will terminate both drivers & customers account to protect the benefit of others drivers

What should driver do when he don’t have to drive during our booking period

A: Our driver will always stand by for customer when vehicle stop at any destination. Driver is allowed to have break for wash room/meal with agreed by customer


Claim & Refund

How do I claim from company if driver speeding or commit road offense during their service

A: In event if you receive summon during our service, you may summit your claim with your booking details by email or direct summit at our office. We will pay back after investigation done

What if there is any serious accident happen which involve personal injuries or third party death

A: In case of these incident happen, our driver shall take full responsibility to accept investigation by authority

Can I claim if there is any car damage or accident cause by your driver

A: We do not cover for any car damage or accident for our driver services. Customer shall make police report on any incident happen and claim from own vehicle insurance

In what situation can I request for cancel and refund?

A: You may request for cancel to refund when our driver late for more than 30minutes or you found our driver no license, drunk, drug taken, illness and dangerous driving

What if the car break down or can’t not be operate when driver arrive

A: Our driver can refuse to provide service if the car can’t not be operate or realize the car having some problem. In such situation, the service will be terminated if there is replacement vehicle and there will be no refund

What if my car being hijacked or stolen during service?

A: Customer must make police report immediately and our driver will assist for investigation by authority. Risk all taken by customer